The Extraordinary Boom and Bang circus

We are lucky in our work to film some extraordinary things and meet some fascinating people, but nothing prepared us for the Boom and Bang Circus, this electrifying group of performers, bring old-fashioned cabaret with a very modern twist. The creative collaboration between Kathryn McLaughlin (Kitty Bang Bang) and Bioux Lee Hayes, has got people talking about it as the ‘must see’ show in London.

Boom & Bang Circus is their newest venture in conjunction with the famous Hippodrome Casino in the heart of London’s West End. Boom and Bang present to you a late night cavalcade of exotic acts in the venue’s spectacular Matcham Room theatre. They have even incorporated and paid homage to Hippodromes entertainment past by reinvigorating acts like little Tich and his big boots performed by Dott Cotton an accomplished, clown and mime artist, who had the Little Tich big boots made for her act.

The other acts are:

Kitty Bang Bang is the whisky-soaked, fire breathing’, chopper ridin’ Princess of British Burlesque. A cabaret chameleon, she manages to encompass both traditional 50s glamour puss and the electric energy of rock n roll, she uses her body with confidence, style and great comedic timing

Laurie Hagen is compere on the video production. Laurie started her compering at Madam Jojo’s working with the Folie Mixtures, but truly came into her own covering for Jonny Woo at Boom Boom Club at the OVT. She is also well known around London for her Avant-garde burlesque routines including a disco Joan of Arc and a wrongly done patient avenging all men for the crime of her former doctor, with hilarious consequences. Most notable of her burlesque achievements is her reverse strip. She is brilliant to watch and had us laughing all the way through the show

Madame Galina has developed over the last ten years into being a mainstay in British and European cabaret, plus she has been entertaining the troupes in Iraq. This hilarious and loveable performer is both abusive and inclusive to audience members without anyone feeling hurt. With great comic timing and really knows how to play and audience.

Stephen Williams is one of London’s most respected hand balance and aerial chains experts. Stephen brings a breath of fresh air the world of hand balance with a modern twist to keep the audience entertained

Edd Muir has been performing his Mr Cellophane pole act internationally. A master of the static pole, he has muscles stamina, and strength, which will keep you wanting more especially for the ladies J

Craig, the Incredible Hula Boy. It’s all in his name. He is the head Hoop La La and thus the head of UK hula hooping. Craig makes Hula hoop look like an Olympic sport, his enigmatic smile and breathtaking deliverance is seamless and captivating

Serenity is a unique combination of sensuous grace, flexibility, movement and elegant poise. We were blown away buy these two friends, who we thought were twins, there act is mesmerizing and sync to perfection, hence to say my producers enjoyed the editing these two beautiful girls!

Boom and Bang Circus have been a real pleasure to work with, we love their creative talent, their shows are now on the gossip circuit as the must see in London, see below for tickets, we promise you will not be disappointed


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