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Queen of Extreme Showreel 2013

Are you ready for this? We are.

By 2016 it is estimated there will be 3 trillion online video minutes watched worldwide every month. That means 833 days of video will be watched every second. [watch the video… ]

Rissy Mitchell Queen of Extreme

Extreme by name, extreme by nature

The production company’s name, ‘Queen of Extreme’ comes from the nickname Rissy Mitchell earned as a competitive triathlete and her passion for extreme sports. [read more… ]

Gary Mead, Simon Thomas

Don’t take our word…

…read what our clients have to say about working with us — clients like Simon Thomas, CEO of the Hippodrome Casino. Or Michael Newton-Woof, Managing Director of Ventura Europe. Or Guy Avshalon, COO Lionsgate Films. The list is long if not quite endless.[read more…]

Queen of extreme productions

Soup to nuts

Queen of extreme provides diverse and creative production services to an array of multiple channel platforms, we offer Film, TV, Corporate, Press feeds, Social media, Web content, Music production[read more…]

A production company in both the TV, Film and corporate markets

We work with several partners in the media and our experience and expertise ensure we always know just how to communicate a story effectively. Queen of Extreme has built its reputation on trust, integrity and excellent communication and delivery. We work with some of the best creative specialists in the industry. The Web and now Social Media are dominant forces in our world & these mediums are growing at a fast rate, providing companies with a new variety of options to market their brand into new territories. Queen of Extreme have always been and, continue to be a driving force in these areas and, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game in terms of our competitors and new techniques and innovations. What sets us apart in the industry is the fact that we are a production company in both the TV Film and corporate markets.

Queen of Extreme is a diverse & creative production company. Our innovative,’out of the box’ ideas continue to ensure that we harness the market as a dynamic force. We deliver on our promises and never disappoint. Our array of multi media platforms are delivered as quality productions to our clients. We provide full production services encapsulating TV Film and corporate. Our ethos of smart thinking & always being one step ahead in communicating through story boarding to the public or the target audience, is the not so ‘secret of our success’.

Queen of Extreme 2011- All Rights Reserved.