Barry Vera Chef Director The One Group

Why restaurants should choose video

In the world of TV, Food and Gardening formats are the biggest earners in sales, viewing figures and global distribution. They outsell any other format and are popular across many cultures. We all have to eat and as humans it is the one component that links us together. Videos are the tool that everyone is […]

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Roy Hudd interview

How jester Hudd charmed the Queen

Production on a new TV documentary has taken Queen of Extreme Productions on a great journey! Charting the history of The Hippodrome we have learned about diving dwarfs, a one-legged cyclist and iconic performers who once appeared such as Charlie Chaplin, Harry Houdini and Judy Garland. But our knowledge of the venue was greatly enhanced […]

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By 2016 it is estimated there will be 3 trillion minutes of online video watched worldwide every month – that’s 833 days of video every second.

Queen of Extreme’s new showreel celebrates another great year working with well known brands such as Audemars Piguet and the Hippodrome Casino. We have worked with some amazing people and learned so much about their lives and culture. We have a reputation for filming interviews both visual in content and structure, ensuring the profiles of […]

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Client Marketing Story - Hippodrome

A client marketing story

Leicester Square is undeniably one of the world’s most iconic squares and, 
with over half a million people visiting it every weekend, is one of the busiest public spaces in Europe. Leicester Square has now been revamped and transformed to secure its rightful place as an inspirational gateway to London’s famous West End. The Square […]

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Boom and Bang Circus

The Extraordinary Boom and Bang circus

We are lucky in our work to film some extraordinary things and meet some fascinating people, but nothing prepared us for the Boom and Bang Circus, this electrifying group of performers, bring old-fashioned cabaret with a very modern twist. The creative collaboration between Kathryn McLaughlin (Kitty Bang Bang) and Bioux Lee Hayes, has got people […]

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