About the company

A brand that wants to get noticed must deliver timely, topical and newsworthy information to the press and public. Capturing and streaming your brand is a great marketing opportunity to drive traffic to your site and raise the profile of your business.

With the growth in new media and the convergence with TV and Internet, this gives greater access for your brand to reach a broader audience. Internet video technology has finally matured and come into its own.

I feel that Internet video represents a seismic shift in our industry that will transform not just websites, but how we experience media overall. In any competitive market, having a good product and first class service are not enough.

A company’s image and credibility are key components in communicating important messages powerfully, consistently and creatively. Editors and Journalists are always looking for a new story with an unusual angle no matter how big or small, and with the reliance on consumer sales to enable the growth and expansion of your brand each year, live streaming is an essential tool to capture and maintain your audience.

Queen of Extreme – Rissy Mitchell

Queen of Extreme is highly creative production company that offers an array of talent and professional production services for both the corporate and TV markets.

We are a team of specialists who work in the field of film and TV broadcast: producers, scriptwriters, copywriters, photographers, music producers, graphic designers, sound and camera experts, and some of the best pre-production and post-production people in the UK. We are now well known for our out-of-the-box thinking and are never happier than when confronting a ‘Mission Impossible’ challenge. Not only do we want our clients to be proud of the work we do, we want to be proud of it, too!

However big or small the production, we can accommodate it with an array of services that all interlink with each other. Our prices are highly competitive and we will always find a solution to fit in with budgets and requirements.

Queen of Extreme is fast becoming a dominant force in the video industry, with its expertise and understanding of the internet, live streaming pod casts, and multi-media communications. Whether the core message is business or entertainment we can deliver, with creativity and passion that keeps viewers entertained, engaged and informed.

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