Gaming film made for the Chinese

Chinese love to gamble and thus it is no wonder that more and more destinations are focusing on Casino’s in order to attract this increasingly affluent Asian clientele. The Hippodrome Casino is in the heart of Leicester Square with the added advantage of China town on it doorstep. Working with the Chinese community was paramount in getting every detail right before opening. The Chinese look out for the auspicious and use numerology, horoscopes and feng shiu to enhance their luck and good prosperity The Hippodrome Casino has it own entrance for the Chinese and made sure on opening that it followed the Chinese tradition of a tribal blessing with lion dance. The performances create a joyous mood for an important opening and bring blessing and good luck. There was also the presence of a whole roast pig outside the entrance. A pig roast known as siu yuk is purchased for the sake of special business openings, or as a ritualistic spiritual offering.

Paul Darby the TV Feng shui doctor ensured that colors and certain objects of various metals were placed in the right place to bring luck and harmony. We were asked to make a film for the Asian community that was visual and incorporate every thing the Hippodrome Casino has to offer.

We worked with over 40 Chinese extras, which was fun, as they did not speak English, Thank goodness we had an interpreter as getting release forms signed was chaotic! We looked at how they gamble, the games that are popular, what they like to drink and eat and the service that they like to receive. We composed the music, which was fun as it is not often we get to compose Chinese music. We wanted to create a flowing and gentle film. Casinos are investing more money in their marketing and PR aimed at the Asian community as over half the money gambled in Britain’s Casinos comes from the Chinese.

We would like to say thank you to all the extras for their gentle smiles and introducing us to their culture.

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