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In a matter of very few years the Internet has consolidated itself as the most powerful platform that has changed the way we do business and the way we communicate. The Internet has given a globalised dimension to the world, which no other communication medium can deliver. The internet has become the universal source of millions of businesses to gain access to their audience and communicate their brand or core message in a very creative, cost effective way. The internet has become the most democratic of all mass media – almost any business can reach a very large market, directly, fast and economically.

A business’s most powerful tool is its website. How you design, create and convey your brand to your target audience could be lost in a couple of clicks if your website is not engaging and informative. Your website is your shop window – there has been a seismic shift via the internet towards video production and live feeds, and this is allowing a much more cost effective way to create your own advertising through creative storyboarding to capture your target market’s attention.

Queen of Extreme brings creative thinking to the corporate market. We are different from other production companies in our creativity, attention to detail and stand-out individuality. And as our team are all experienced film and TV experts, we treat every production with the same high levels of professionalism – and as a new adventure. We like to be challenged and we like to be different.

We offer

  • Pre Production: Research is the most essential tool to any production. We are extremely diligent in this area and often discover things that clients have not thought about. Research and methodical planning is crucial to any production, small or large, whilst importantly we understand what captures the audience’s attention;
  • Film crew;
  • Directors, producers, camera operators, and sound technicians;
  • Equipment;
  • We have an array of cameras, from film to TV all in HD;
  • Post Production: We edit everything in-house, which is the most cost effective way. We only out-source for specialist skills, e.g. graphics and animation. Editing is where creativity really comes into its own. We employ some of the UK’s finest specialists who are extraordinarily talented at what they do – it is they who ultimately put the story together and make the magic happen. We also produce all our own music and add voiceovers where necessary;

One of the biggest growth markets has been on-line bookings for travel destinations/holidays. The traditional way of walking into a travel agent and looking through brochures will be a thing of the past in the next few years. The travel industry had to rethink the way it markets and PRs its holidays/flights/hotels through creative marketing via the internet. The traditional still photos are also becoming the thing of the past. In this very competitive market, video production is becoming the new tool to capture the audience’s attention. The public want to feel the ambiance and get engaged in their chosen destination before they leave with as much information as possible. More and more hotels are now using video with an informative voice-over: this is now a growing trend and is enhancing sales, and with the future technology of the convergence with the internet and TV this will give a greater platform for the travel industry to attract its audience

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