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Leicester Square is undeniably one of the world’s most iconic squares and, 
with over half a million people visiting it every weekend, is one of the busiest public spaces in Europe. Leicester Square has now been revamped and transformed to secure its rightful place as an inspirational gateway to London’s famous West End.

The Square has been reinvigorated with space for meeting the expectations
 of visitors, investors, businesses and residents as 
a world class destination in which to meet, eat 
and experience theatre, film and entertainment like nowhere else. With over 50 film premieres and millions of visitors every year, Leicester Square has become the gate way to investment from other businesses.

The Hippodrome, now known as the Hippodrome Casino, has also had a complete makeover. This historic building has been transformed and given a new lease of life with expanding space offering various leisure and entertainment opportunities for the public to choose from. This building dominates Leicester Square and is part of the Squares landscape.

The Hippodrome opened its doors in July 2012 and has so much to offer. We were asked to make a creative, high quality film for their windows that would be strong in visuals and brand messaging to the passing public. We looked at all the key facilities the Hippodrome had to offer and edited a strong and seamless film on rotation 24 hours a day incorporating ticker tape transmitting key messages across the top of the film. We did not go down the traditional route of standard Ticker Tape as we felt it would cheapen the film so we created our own version to fit into the style of the film.

We also created a similar film for the Chinese community, with the Hippodrome backing onto China town, and the Chinese creating 50% of the revenue in Uk Casinos it was equally important to understand their culture, they’re gaming habits and what they like to drink and eat. We did a moving film for interior and social media (insert link to live Chinese film here) and a still frame film for the TV screens outside. We had to work with council ruling which stipulate length of time re frame of film in rotation (5 seconds). It has been a great opportunity to work with the varied cultures, and ensuring that our films are both informative in content, and a key marketing tool for our clients to harness both cultures with the effectiveness to entice the passing public into the world of The Hippodrome and everything it has to offer.

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