Serenity and Stephen Williams brings the sex appeal to Boom and Bang Circus

If ever there were two acts that stand out from a crowd, then Serenity and Stephen Williams fits the bill. To see both acts in the same show Boom & Bang Circus both feeds the male and female audiences with eye-catching moves and a sensual feel of toned physics on display, honed by the perfection and dedication to their crafts. When Jean-Claude Van Damme did the splits across the kitchen worktop in Timecop, known as the “Muscles from Brussels” the splits being his signature move created a frenzy of, “freezing that video moment”. Timecop remains Van Damme’s highest grossing film making it the most watch splits in the world! Stephen Williams fits the bill and more, his stamina strength and flexibility and some very cool dance moves make him a talent to watch. Australian Stephen holds a Bachelors degree in Circus Arts and uses a lot of circus disciplines from acrobalance to aerial chains, his flexibility and the way he utilises every part of his body brings the splits into question again, “Could he do the Van Damme move?” if he can, then we would supply the kitchen and love to be there to film it!

Serenity are two girls who are hypnotising to watch, the synchronisation of their bodies is faultless and serial, it is like watching variants of synchronised swimming without the water. With their individual talents in Contortion, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance they decided they wanted to further their skills by learning Aerial Arts. Combining all of these skills and abilities together Serenity was created. They bring sensuality and sex appeal in the most gentle and seamless moves and again add variants to the splits to raise any male temperature! Serenity and Stephen Williams can be seen at Boom & Bang Circus at the

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