Houdini’s greatest handcuff challenge, the story told by Paul Zennon

In 1904 Houdini was offered a challenge by the “Mirror Illustrated Newspaper” now known as the “Daily Mirror” there was a lot of controversy about this challenge and many have speculated on the many theories of how this was done and if it was planned. Houdini accepted the challenge on March the 17th at the London Hippodrome in front of 4000 people and more then 100 journalists.

There have been many theories as to how this challenge was done and most interesting was it pre-planned? Whatever happened Houdini always proved himself, if not the great magician, to be one of the greatest showman who has inspired many magicians/illusionists to this current day. He has become an enigma to some and a cult hero to others.

Paul Zennon is a magician and trickster himself – a pioneer of street magic – and is currently a regular guest on various TV shows with regard to subjects such as the history of magic and variety, cons and scams, and as a skeptic with regard to all matters “paranormal”. Paul’s knowledge and passion for Houdini will tell the story of one of Houdini’s finest moments know as the “Mirror Cuff Challenge” Houdini later said it was the most difficult escape of his career.

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