The spirit of Little Tich returns to The Hippodrome

The spirit of Little Tich is being revived once more at The Hippodrome Casino in London.

The character of Little Tich, was played by Harry Relph, a celebrated music hall comedian, who appeared on stage all over the world, but was only four foot six inches in height. As historians recall, Relph, as Little Tich, performed a popular Big Boot dance routine.

Harry performed in certain shows at The Hippodrome during its early years. Indeed, his first appearance was in the opening production staged at the complex called Giddy Ostend. The cast of the said show also included a young Charlie Chaplin!

Queen of Extreme Productions’ new short film about Little Tich, Dot Cotton, of Boom Bang Circus, who has been recently wowing audiences at The Hippodrome playing Little Tich, tells the story of the character.

Cotton spent many months researching information on the famous 28-inch boots, said,to have been called ‘Slapshoes’ back in the day, so she could get a pair made to wear during her various performances. In short, an admirable homage to Harry Relph and his most-famous character.

Also in the film, Roy Hudd, the king of music hall and pantomime history, contributes his unique take on Relph and his enthusiasm for the character of Little Tich with his sharp wit and wonderful delivery. Most memorable is Hudd’s reference to the name Little Tich; and how the name continues to be used in the English language to this day.

Relph, who died in 1928, may have long-since passed away, but the spirit of the forgotten clown lives on in this film and at The Hippodrome.

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