The Growth of Social video marketing

When Gordon Gekko said, “lunch is for wimps” it became a cliché back in the late eighties for toughness and hardcore communication to get business done. Now the new saying is you “you snooze you lose” if your business is not interactive in social media and making use of all the multimedia platforms. Three years ago I would have these conversations with my luxury brand clients, they looked at me with horror at the mere suggestion of communicating their brand through social media, “we are luxury brand, luxury meaning bespoke, niche”. Today they are spending millions on social media. It has added value to the brand and improved sales even more. Content is being thrown at us from an increasing number of channels through popular social media and business networks, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This increase in content online has created greater demands on business to participate with other business online and to their customers.

Video online is no longer being dismissed by general business as something for personal entertainment on YouTube. The improvements in technology, along with audience familiarity and participation, have made it become a true social platform for business which easily integrates with web content on our own business properties (websites and blogs), and across all the major social networks.

You can now understand why an ever-increasing percentage of internet users expect businesses to have video on their websites, on popular video distribution sites, and on social networks. But it’s not only the creation of video content itself that they expect. More importantly, consumers want business to offer video that is “social video”.

Advertising can be expensive and is more about selling the product and is fixed. At Queen of Extreme Productions we are creative story tellers working across different media platforms for our clients. When we create a video for social media we are looking at a softer approach, informative entertaining and capturing interest and sometimes emotion. You need a clever head now to understand and create the right content for the right platform, and demographically understand the array of territories you are communicating to.

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