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It is that time year when we all make changes in our businesses, business plans to set and improvements on last years forecast are paramount to growing a business. 2012 was good for us we had one of our most productive years with new clients and exciting challenges. With 2013 upon us the predictions are: compression rate on the Internet will be 90% from video Happy days for us!

The rise of video has become the new tool for companies to convey their messages’ without the large cost of advertising budgets, it is becoming cost effective and more efficient, and flexible in conveying your core message/story to what ever platform you choose.

But what about your website? Technology is moving so fast, is the shop window being left behind? We are not only a production company we advise our clients how to utilize their videos to be effective, social media, blogging and press feeds is the new way to direct traffic to your website. But with technology happening so fast we have another problem, is your website fitting the new devices in a growing market? Thousands of new web enabled devices have appeared since 2010, including touch screen smart phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktops and TV’s (to name a few). Traditional websites are impractical for use on mobile devices, with unsuitable text size, horizontal scroll, and incompatible elements resulting in a huge loss of sales, leads and enquires. Traditional approaches to web design no longer work and the entire web industry has had to evolve quickly. As a result, we feel that it is imperative that our website built today must be designed to respond to the device, platform, screen size or orientation to which the webpage is being viewed, as standard.

Our Products are visual so we have to ensure that we lead by example and are up to date with the latest technology. We have redesigned the website and given it more depth to the services we off. Sadly we have to say goodbye to the Animation film we created on the home page, this has put a smile on a lot of faces and has been a big hit in America, we have had enquiries asking if it is a trailer for a TV show, no it was just us having some fun on how the Queen goes to work in the morning. The idea came from the crazy Birthday invites I used to send out

as my nick name was always the Queen Of Extreme due to my love of extreme sport, hence the company name/brand, the response has been amazing and even our high end corporate clients refer to me as the Queen! Did you know that the word Queen is a reserved word? Well we didn’t with the large cost’s we spent on branding and design we were in a panic, as we had to write to the Cabinet office HRH division for permission to be a Ltd company with the word Queen we needed a certificate of permission so it was either being sent to the tower or permission granted! We got it, so I guess I am officially a Queen! Well in the eyes of Companies house ☺)

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