Hippodrome Casino hosts party for Urban Junkies – transcript

The Hippodrome Casion Urban Junkies Video production transcript:

Yeah it (The Hippodrome Casino) seems pretty cool. Pretty swanky. I like the environment. The floor down here with the coins is pretty cool.

I couldn’t pretend that I do a lot of gambling but this is definitely somewhere I’d like to come back to and meet up with friends on a Friday evening, for sure.

Really nice place. Friendly staff. Good vibe.

I think the whole fact that it’s not a membership, that you can just… if you’re downtown and you don’t know what you’re doing… “let’s go to the (Hippodrome) casino”. I think that’s a great thing. Anyone can come.

The food’s amazing. And we’re about to go eat upstairs in a minute. Which sounds good.


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