Hippodrome Casino documentary – trailer transcript

Simon Thomas: The Hippodrome is an extraordinary building. It’s been in the epicentre of London’s entertainment district for the last hundred and ten years.

Peter Stringfellow: I’m so excited about what it’s going to be. It’s got a new life – another spectacle.

Jimmy Thomas: The building’s history is something that you read about in books.

Rosalyn Wilder: …big shows – I mean, they were spectacular shows. They had elephants and polar bears, huge orchestras, men diving from the minstrel’s gallery.

Jimmy Thomas: Charlie Chaplin started his career in the chorus of The Hippodrome.

Rosalyn Wilder: We had Shirley Bassie, we had Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Junior…

Jimmy Thomas: Judy Garland did her come-back here.

Rosalyn Wilder: The Temptations, The Drifters – the list was pretty much endless.

Jimmy Thomas: And the history of the places is so unique.

Peter Stringfellow: It’s the most phenomenal position in the centre of the West-End of London.

Paula Reason – Cadmium Architects:
The vision for this project is purely about capturing, expanding and delivering the spirit of The Hippodrome. People can escape into a world that is different and is special and makes the ultimate leisure experience for anyone.

Barrie Pyne: It’s a time warp. It’s got a lineage that goes back over a hundred years. All the original features have been kept in the modern day design. And it’s going to be an absolute ‘Wow’ factor.

Brian Turner – Cadmium: Now is the most exciting part. It’s been a building site for two and a half years and it’s only really now coming out, rapidly…
… just really pushing to get to that stage where we’re just on to decoration.

Peter Stringfellow: I’m sure that Simon’s going to make it the greatest casino in the UK.

Simon Thomas: I think we can make something special with the Hippodrome. It’s not a casino, it’s not a bar, it’s not a restaurant. It’s everything. People can go and pick which bit of the mix they want for their evening’s entertainment.

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