Chaos in the Kitchen? We think not.

The Hurlingham club is a wonderful place to film an event video. This private members’ club is steeped in history and elegance. The Hurlingham is renowned for its first class events and its grand settings, so it was our task to create a new event video that would capture everything the Hurlingham has to offer in its facilities. The day we were filming, Searcys were catering for an event for 1,000 people, and this is a vast number to serve three courses to, on time and within the guidelines of the event-organiser’s set time scale (1hr and 15 mins). We were expecting chaos in the kitchens. But far from it, everything is done with military precision and ready to go. It was fascinating to film and watch how these talented chefs have everything organised to perfect timing and professionalism. Every one has their role and they all have to sync to ensure that the food is delivered on time for everyone. We have been privileged to film a lot of talented chefs lately and have much appreciation for their hard work and long hours. They are dedicated and passionate about what they do and if we are lucky, we get to eat the food too!!


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