By 2016 it is estimated there will be 3 trillion minutes of online video watched worldwide every month – that’s 833 days of video every second.

Queen of Extreme’s new showreel celebrates another great year working with well known brands such as Audemars Piguet and the Hippodrome Casino. We have worked with some amazing people and learned so much about their lives and culture.

We have a reputation for filming interviews both visual in content and structure, ensuring the profiles of interviewees look great on camera. We always work with 2 to 3 cameras in order to frame an individual in different ways. It helps add depth and character and makes story telling more interesting. We hate the flat-faced look on camera – it’s very uninspiring for the viewer.

Video has become a dominant force on the internet and various media platforms because it is an increasingly cost-effective way to target your story to a wider audience and gives you more control. But it is vital the content is rich and of good quality to ensure your message stands out in what is becoming a very competitive market.

We have worked with Joe Longthorne, Sachin Tendulkar, Lee Westwood, Lorna Luft, and the lovely Boris Johnson – who reveals in the showreel a taste for burlesque and nipple tassels! Although we work hard for our clients we have a bit of fun too!

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