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Hippodrome Casino Induction Speeches

Simon Thomas – Chairman: The common theme to the whole of the history so far is, every generation or so, tastes change. And the Hippodrome being in such a phenomenal location has been adapted to whatever the latest craze or taste is. As far as locations go it is stunning. As far as locations for […]

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Boris Johnson’s Official Opening of the Hippodrome Casino – transcript

Boris Johnson: This is a quite stunning venue isn’t it. You’ve got every conceivable attraction you could desire in a James Bond style casino. I salute you and I have no hesitation, compunction, reservation in declaring this wonderful new refurbished, revitalised, restored, rejuvenated Hippodrome open. Or even more open than it was at nine o’clock […]

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hippodrome epic regeneration trailer09

Hippodrome Casino documentary – trailer transcript

Simon Thomas: The Hippodrome is an extraordinary building. It’s been in the epicentre of London’s entertainment district for the last hundred and ten years. Peter Stringfellow: I’m so excited about what it’s going to be. It’s got a new life – another spectacle. Jimmy Thomas: The building’s history is something that you read about in […]

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The epic production of The Hippodrome London

Two years of filming and another six months to go before the Documentary of the Hippodrome is complete and have we been on a journey covering the vast re-development and the history from 1900. This has been an exciting challenge making new discoveries every day. The history alone has been like opening Pandora’s box, many […]

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