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Roy Hudd interview

How jester Hudd charmed the Queen

Production on a new TV documentary has taken Queen of Extreme Productions on a great journey! Charting the history of The Hippodrome we have learned about diving dwarfs, a one-legged cyclist and iconic performers who once appeared such as Charlie Chaplin, Harry Houdini and Judy Garland. But our knowledge of the venue was greatly enhanced […]

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Client Marketing Story - Hippodrome

A client marketing story

Leicester Square is undeniably one of the world’s most iconic squares and, 
with over half a million people visiting it every weekend, is one of the busiest public spaces in Europe. Leicester Square has now been revamped and transformed to secure its rightful place as an inspirational gateway to London’s famous West End. The Square […]

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Best land casino - The Hippodrome

An award truly deserved

Congratulations to our wonderful clients Simon and Jimmy Thomas for winning the best Land Casino award, this was a surprise considering the Hippodrome Casino has only been open eight months. This award is truly deserved and we hope it will be one of many, Simon and Jimmy’s dedication to restoring this old building and maintaining […]

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Hippodrome in Chinatown

Gaming film made for the Chinese

Chinese love to gamble and thus it is no wonder that more and more destinations are focusing on Casino’s in order to attract this increasingly affluent Asian clientele. The Hippodrome Casino is in the heart of Leicester Square with the added advantage of China town on it doorstep. Working with the Chinese community was paramount […]

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Hippodrome Casino documentary – a work in progress

Shaun Broughill-Dowling – Senior Project Manager – Careys. The work itself is a massive challenge because it does change every day as to what we find. And it’s also challenging to get the building fully robust and back to its original structure. Les Dedman – Project Director – Becks. I think Beck interiors have got […]

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Rissy’s fit!

Extract from The Hippodrome’s Build It Magazine The queen of extreme is the name of Rissy Mitchell’s film production company. the company’s name comes from the nickname she earned as a competitive triathlete and her passion for extreme sports. So when we say she’s fit, we mean it in all senses of the words. She’s […]

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If I’ve learnt one thing.

Having established a reputation for quality, in-house film productions for businesses, Rissy Mitchell, Founder of film production firm ‘Queen of Extreme’, realised she wanted to do more. “More firms want to use film content on their web sites. With internet connections speeding up, this is getting more feasible.” But a growing market has also attracted […]

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