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Hippodrome in Chinatown

Gaming film made for the Chinese

Chinese love to gamble and thus it is no wonder that more and more destinations are focusing on Casino’s in order to attract this increasingly affluent Asian clientele. The Hippodrome Casino is in the heart of Leicester Square with the added advantage of China town on it doorstep. Working with the Chinese community was paramount […]

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Hippodrome Casino Induction Speeches

Simon Thomas – Chairman: The common theme to the whole of the history so far is, every generation or so, tastes change. And the Hippodrome being in such a phenomenal location has been adapted to whatever the latest craze or taste is. As far as locations go it is stunning. As far as locations for […]

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hippodrome epic regeneration trailer09

Hippodrome Casino documentary – trailer transcript

Simon Thomas: The Hippodrome is an extraordinary building. It’s been in the epicentre of London’s entertainment district for the last hundred and ten years. Peter Stringfellow: I’m so excited about what it’s going to be. It’s got a new life – another spectacle. Jimmy Thomas: The building’s history is something that you read about in […]

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Hippodrome Casino documentary – a work in progress

Shaun Broughill-Dowling – Senior Project Manager – Careys. The work itself is a massive challenge because it does change every day as to what we find. And it’s also challenging to get the building fully robust and back to its original structure. Les Dedman – Project Director – Becks. I think Beck interiors have got […]

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Simon Thomas Interview

Simon Thomas – One to watch – United Leisure and Gaming

Rising star Simon Thomas. What’s so special? His company is refurbishing the London landmark Hippodrome. “There aren’t enough characters in gaming anymore. The market is totally divided up among the dull big corporates,” says Simon Thomas. He says it would be nice to see smaller, more innovative firms in the casino and gaming markets. It’s […]

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