Aldo Zilli The view from here

Aldo Zilli – The view from here

Aldo Zilli, founder and chef-patron, Zilli Restaurants. I’ve been branded as a fish expert but with my new restaurant — Zilli Green — they will have to add vegetarian food. My ultimate aim is to open a vegetarian restaurant in my home town in Italy, to see my brothers pass out. When I arrived in […]

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Mayfair Spa interview

Mayfair Spa

The Mayfair Hotel has had a £75m refurbishment and no expense was spared when they developed their stunning spa. With a loyal clientele this is luxury at its best. After a few hectic days of meetings and tight deadlines there was only one place for me to recover, my favourite place. The Mayfar Spa. As […]

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Phil Hall PHA

Phil Hall – Founder and Chairman PHA Media

Phil Hall: “This recession will sort the men from the boys. Lots of PR companies talk about grand strategies, but clients can’t see how it touches their bottom line. The biggest smoke and mirrors is that PR is about strategy. It’s not. It’s about getting people talking to newspapers and magazines so that they get […]

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Richard Farleigh

Richard Farleigh – Entrepreneur and investor

Richard Farleigh: “I’ve been a central banker, an investment banker and a hedge fund manager. But I’m not to blame for what’s happened. I was into macro-economic modelling and big-picture views. The blame game is being played. It reminds me of when the Berlin Wall came down and people started blaming the border guards. What […]

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