Sachin Tendulkar and Audemars Piguet

Sachin Tendulkar talking with Gary Mead of Audemars Piguet at Salon Privé for the World Launch of the Royal Oak 44mm Offshore

Gary Mead – CEO, Audemars Piguet We’ve been with Salon Privé since its inauguration some five years ago. We’re delighted with the collaboration. It brings together the chance to showcase our brand as one of the premier watch houses in the world against some of the most amazing car brands in the world – like […]

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Rissy’s fit!

Extract from The Hippodrome’s Build It Magazine The queen of extreme is the name of Rissy Mitchell’s film production company. the company’s name comes from the nickname she earned as a competitive triathlete and her passion for extreme sports. So when we say she’s fit, we mean it in all senses of the words. She’s […]

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PR taking advantage of live press feeds

PR companies are now recognising the value of production technology and are now offering their clients to turn the A4 press release into a live feed. Online media is growing fast and becoming a dominant tool, live press feeds are in demand and Queen of Extreme productions has been smart enough to embrace this market […]

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If I’ve learnt one thing.

Having established a reputation for quality, in-house film productions for businesses, Rissy Mitchell, Founder of film production firm ‘Queen of Extreme’, realised she wanted to do more. “More firms want to use film content on their web sites. With internet connections speeding up, this is getting more feasible.” But a growing market has also attracted […]

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Audemars Piguet a tradition for innovation

Audemars Piguet – A tradition for innovation

Despite a reputation for innovation, Audemars Piguet is also steeped in tradition. after 136 years it is still owned by the founding family and offers a perfect blend of old and new. AUDACIOUS BUT TRADITIONAL The Swiss watchmaking industry is steeped in tradition. And right at the heart of that tradition sits family-owned Audemars Piguet. […]

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Simon Thomas Interview

Simon Thomas – One to watch – United Leisure and Gaming

Rising star Simon Thomas. What’s so special? His company is refurbishing the London landmark Hippodrome. “There aren’t enough characters in gaming anymore. The market is totally divided up among the dull big corporates,” says Simon Thomas. He says it would be nice to see smaller, more innovative firms in the casino and gaming markets. It’s […]

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Video represents a seismic shift in our industry

I feel that Internet video represents a seismic shift in our industry that will transform not just websites, but how we experience media overall. In any competitive market, having a good product and first class service are not enough. A company’s image and credibility are key components in communicating important messages powerfully, consistently and creatively. […]

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Brands that get noticed get video

A brand that wants to get noticed must deliver timely, topical and newsworthy information to the press and public. Capturing and streaming your brand is a great marketing opportunity to drive traffic to your site and raise the profile of your business. With the growth in new media and the convergence with TV and Internet, […]

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