interview Showreel Chris Evans

Interview reel – transcript

Extract from Salon Privé Video production Chris Evans Rissy Mitchell: Hello Chris. Salon Privé, fantastic car debuting here, how do you feel? Chris Evans: Feel OK, yeah, very relaxed. Rissy Mitchell: You’ve had a lot of interest today. I’ve seen crowds gathering with excitement. What’s the feedback you’ve been getting? Chris Evans: Well the second […]

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Hippodrome Casino Induction Speeches

Simon Thomas – Chairman: The common theme to the whole of the history so far is, every generation or so, tastes change. And the Hippodrome being in such a phenomenal location has been adapted to whatever the latest craze or taste is. As far as locations go it is stunning. As far as locations for […]

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Boris Johnson’s Official Opening of the Hippodrome Casino – transcript

Boris Johnson: This is a quite stunning venue isn’t it. You’ve got every conceivable attraction you could desire in a James Bond style casino. I salute you and I have no hesitation, compunction, reservation in declaring this wonderful new refurbished, revitalised, restored, rejuvenated Hippodrome open. Or even more open than it was at nine o’clock […]

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The Hurlingham Club – Transcript

VO: The Hurlingham Club is set in forty two acres of magnificent grounds. Overlooking the Thames this Georgian country house, situated in central London, retains its quintessentially English traditions and heritage and is recognised throughout the world as one of Britain’s greatest private members clubs. The Hurlingham Club offers an idyllic and harmonious setting for […]

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hippodrome epic regeneration trailer09

Hippodrome Casino documentary – trailer transcript

Simon Thomas: The Hippodrome is an extraordinary building. It’s been in the epicentre of London’s entertainment district for the last hundred and ten years. Peter Stringfellow: I’m so excited about what it’s going to be. It’s got a new life – another spectacle. Jimmy Thomas: The building’s history is something that you read about in […]

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The Growth of Social video marketing

When Gordon Gekko said, “lunch is for wimps” it became a cliché back in the late eighties for toughness and hardcore communication to get business done. Now the new saying is you “you snooze you lose” if your business is not interactive in social media and making use of all the multimedia platforms. Three years […]

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The epic production of The Hippodrome London

Two years of filming and another six months to go before the Documentary of the Hippodrome is complete and have we been on a journey covering the vast re-development and the history from 1900. This has been an exciting challenge making new discoveries every day. The history alone has been like opening Pandora’s box, many […]

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Most haunted and Lionsgate

Queen of Extreme Productions brings Most Haunted and Lionsgate together

Queen of Extreme are happy to announce the partnership between Most Haunted and Lionsgate. Queen of Extreme Productions have played an active roll in liaising and negotiating the partnership of two well-known brands. For over ten years Most Haunted has been the premiere paranormal brand and officially the most successful paranormal show in television history, […]

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Hippodrome Casino documentary – a work in progress

Shaun Broughill-Dowling – Senior Project Manager – Careys. The work itself is a massive challenge because it does change every day as to what we find. And it’s also challenging to get the building fully robust and back to its original structure. Les Dedman – Project Director – Becks. I think Beck interiors have got […]

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